Our story so far…

In 2015 MYOB launched its first IT Challenge alongside the Management Consulting Club (MCC) at the University of Auckland. This event was a huge success and has led to the Trans-Tasman expansion of the challenge, with students from universities across NZ and Australia competing to be the Trans-Tasman Winner.

This year, the Management Consulting Club has rebranded to the University of Auckland Case Club, and we have taken the opportunity to refresh the challenge to be called the MYOB Digital Challenge.

The Digital Challenge is a fusion of business and technical analysis – driving real tech solutions for real business problems. Participants present their solution to a given problem to a panel of judges. 

This should include the concept of your tech solution as well as business, financial, marketing and go-to-market strategy involved. 

In the preliminary round only a conceptual design is required!
Students from all disciplines are encouraged to enter!

Preliminary Regional Round:  Case released Sunday 10th July, submissions due 9:59pm AEST/ 11:59pm NZST Monday 18th July

Teams must submit 5 – 10 mins video of their solution with a 1-page exec summary

MYOB Digital Trans-Tasman Finals Day:  Held at 12pm AEST/ 2pm NZST Thursday 4th August

10 – 15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Q&A hosted over zoom

There are three options to register:

  1. Sign up as a group of 2 – 4 people
  2. Sign up as an individual competing alone
  3. Sign up as an individual to be put in to a team of other like-minded individuals of 2 – 4 people
Register online at our Register Page under your specific region before Wednesday, 6th July.

If you have any issues with registration or further questions, visit Contact Us

Organising Committee

The organising committee for the MYOB Digital Challenge is made up of current members from the University of Auckland Case Club (UACC) and with support from Shailan Patel and MYOB. You can find out more about UACC by visiting their website, here.

Shailan Patel - Education Manager
Jun Kim and Isabelle Mcnae - Competition Director & Manager